The Euro Kraft Advantage

At EuroKraft Group, experience the best designers work with you. You will enjoy the advantage of using American not-metric measurements.

Benefit from our European manufacturing processes that use American cabinet specifications and standards.

EuroKraft Group

Our Specialties

We differ from other European cabinetry brands. While most sell standard cabinet systems, we offer customized services.

Our true custom manufactured cabinetry has no height, shape, width, or depth limits. There are no additional charges for up-to twelve cabinet interior colors.

All-wood Products

The majority of European companies make standard cabinetry carcasses with particle board! Often cabinets don’t have an exact interior color match.

But at EuroKraft Group, we provide you with virtually the same competitive product at substantial price savings. Our standard is an all-wood product, including cabinetry carcasses. Save big with our all wood standard products.

EuroKraft Group
EuroKraft Group

European or Traditional Look

Want that clean look? Our European or traditional kitchen cabinetry will give you just that with a specific design. We will provide one with only what’s needed for you, without compromising on function specifications.

We are experts at providing high-value across all projects.

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